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CNC Foam Cutter

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Foam cutting machine: is a very practical model, suitable for a variety of sizes cutting, is suitable for wide Large users can choose a variety of uses and functions of CNC foam cutting machine. CNC foam cutting machine with double-line cutting characteristics

(Can be equipped with two electric wire), the main models can be equipped with cutting turntable, forming electric wire tools, independent spindle controller And other unique design, the model is really a multi-purpose machine with a multi-functional electric wire has three different lengths To choose, at the same time with the rotation / turning function of the choice, optional electric wire forming tools. In addition to the full range of standard machines Type, but also to receive customer requirements of the custom machine.

CNC foam cutting machine, in addition to cutting EPS XPS, can also be used for mold, 2D, 3D cutting and other purposes.

Principle: CNC Foam Cutter is to use some digital programs to control the drive mechanical cutting, along with the head movement, and then the machine above the cutting tool will cut the object. Sponge production line CNC cutting machine, is based on the sponge production process requirements, according to a certain length of the sponge cut off. For the smaller size of the sponge production, are used to roll the way, so no cutting machine. CNC cutting machine types, commonly used structures are CNC knife cutting machine, CNC double knives profiled sponge cutting machine and single-blade profiled sponge cutting machine.

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