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KD-CC70 Foam Cutting Machine Base&Arch Cutter

Arch cutting and base cutting.
Adjustable cutting temperature.
Adjustable rotation speed for base/cap cutter.
  • KD-CC70
  • Canty


1. Arch cutting and Base cutting.

2. Auto Start & Stop in Base/Cap Cutting when you push the shaped wire into foam.

3. Adjustable cutting temperature.

4. Adjustable Rotation speed for Base/Cap Cutter.

Technical Data

Product Model KD-CC70
Base&Cap Cutting Max. Diameter = 110 cm ; Max. Height = 75 cm
Arch Cutting

Max. Width = 54 cm ; Max. Height = 25 cm ;

Unlimited length

Min. Internal Radius = 13 cm;

Min. External Radius = 25 cm

Power Supply 220 V/50 Hz (110 V/60 Hz)
Table Size Approx. 100*170*94 cm

Basic Kit

  1. Arch Cutter Pack in a box (Assembly time is about 30 mins)

  2. 20 m Hot Wire

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