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KD-IX Series 3D CNC Foam Cutting Machine Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter

Equipped with Double Wire function (two cutting wires)
Come with a TurnTable, Lathe, ShapeWire.
Independent Axis Control and many other features which turn your cutter into a truly versatile one.
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1. KD-IX Series CNC Foam Cutting Machine is a very economic machine, suitable for various size of cutting and equipped with many functions for customer to chose.

2. Equipped with lathe, turn table and double wire and other unique design,which let this cargo, become a really multipurpose machine.

3. Hot wire has 3 different sizes to chose, moreover with the independent hot wire compensation motor it can realize round sky and square earth cutting effect, the Max. compensation can reach to 2 meter.

4. Besides our standard models we also accept customized machine.

Technical Data

Product Model: KD-IX Series
Cutting wire length: 1300,2500 or 3000 mm
Height: 1300mm
Length: 1300mm, 2500mm or 3000mm
Comes complete with the electronic controller & FoamShaper
Available potions (Lathe/Turn Table & ShapeWire Tool, TitaniumWire)

Basic Kit Include:

1 * KD-IX Series Foam cutter

1 * Electronic controller

1 * FoamShaper software (Free Upgraded)

1 * 5 years warranty

1 * A roll of resistant wire (100 grams)

1 * Operational and assembly manuals

Basic Package does not include:

PC necessary to operate the machine

Design graphics software (recommended: CorelDraw or AutoCAD)

Paid options  (Lathe/Turn Table & ShapeWire Tool, TitaniumWire)

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